Introducing a future application of the delivery system, a multi-compartment SmartTab™ capsule.

Benefiting the entire population through our technology is our primary goal and we have continued to practice that in many ways. The misuse of antibiotics is rampant in our society without consideration of its implications. Most antibiotics are prescribed for 7 – 10 days, yet many times individuals will feel better at day 3-4 and stop taking their antibiotics.


What Happens When You Don’t Finish Your Course Of Antibiotics?

Many of us are guilty of this. When we get ill, we visit the doctor for prescription of antibiotics, then we take them for some time and we stop when we feel we are better without completing the dosage-neglecting the, thoroughly researched, time and dosage recommendations. 

World Health Organization research proves that stopping treatment without completion of dosage is risky as it doesn’t get all the bacteria that causes the illness killed, which can result in future illness. No prescription is made without examination and the prescription is based on the best evidence for what will kill all bacteria.

Cutting treatment short is synonymous to increasing the chances of the existing bacteria mutating and becoming resistant to such antibiotic, therefore, making it difficult to treat with the same drugs the next time it occurs. Completing antibiotic dosages, even if you get better during the treatment, will completely rid your body of the causative bacteria and reduce the risk of the bacteria building resistance against the antibiotics and other drugs with similar compositions.


How Our Multi-Compartment SmartTab™ Can Be Of Help

When you believe you are better, moving around your daily activities with drugs might not be an easy option and sometimes, it is possible to forget the medication at home or not being with the drugs at the appropriate time you were supposed to take it due to circumstances. This is exactly what our technology will integrate, a lasting solution in order to help reduce or completely eliminate the breed of resistant bacteria in our society.  

Our multi-compartment SmartTab™ would stay in the GI tract for a period of 7-10 days and release the medication at the appropriate time every day by using a smartphone or smartwatch with a timer and a triggering mechanism. This would not only improve patient outcomes, but it would also prevent the misuse of antibiotics leading to superbugs.

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