Time may be a constraint to taking medications at the proper intervals, for instance, if you take a drug now and the next dosage is 1:00 a.m., there is a possibility that you might be sleeping by that time.

One way to improve drug delivery is through timing. Currently, most medications are prescribed for patients to take while they are awake. There would be huge benefits if SmartTab™ could deploy active ingredients while people are asleep so there would not be any need to compromise on the proper timing.

Not only will this improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs, it will also help people lead better lives.
— Robert Niichel, SmartTab™ Founder and CEO

Imagine taking SmartTab™ before bedtime and scheduling the release on a smartphone or smartwatch to take place while you are resting. Three hours later, while you're sleeping, SmartTab™ is triggered to release the active ingredients.

There are several types of medications that would benefit from this type of timed delivery— it creates a time-release system to spread out the deployment of prescription drugs.

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