SmartTab™ presents innovative drug delivery system at the BioPharm America Conference 2019 in Boston.


Based upon an invitation from the BioPharma America Conference leadership, SmartTab™ will be presenting the wireless drug delivery system on September 12th to a crowd of strategic pharmaceutical med tech, med device and institutional companies to discuss the successful completion of pre-clinical animal studies.

Robert Niichel presenting at Startup Health Conference

Robert Niichel presenting at Startup Health Conference

Robert Niichel, Founder and CEO of Velóce Digital Health will take the stage in Boston to share about the possibilities of precision medicine and the wireless ingestible capsule. Discover how SmartTab™ can improve drug delivery and help people lead better lives.


The Conference brings dealmakers from the life science ecosystem together to foster new business relationships and de-risk the enormous task of drug development. The event is also part of Biotech Week Boston and together, it draws a total of over 4,500 life science leaders, scientists and innovators.

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The SmartTab™ is a wirelessly powered and remote controlled ingestible capsule that utilizes wireless control, inductive power (no on-board batteries) and proprietary smart polymer technology for the actuation/release system. This precision delivery ingestible capsule can be remotely triggered via an external device and deliver active ingredients to highly targeted areas in the human body at specific times.


The system will interface with custom or current wearable and monitoring technology to interact with Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) Healthcare Systems. The SmartTab™ has the capability to deliver a wide range of active ingredients and interact with the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) to optimize patient outcomes, significantly increase prescription drug adherence, and drastically reduce healthcare costs.

Sacha Heppell